Big, Burly and Beautiful: Check Out the 2017 Kia K900

April 18th, 2017 by

If you happen to be hunting for a full-size luxury sedan for your next daily driver, we here at Gene Messer Kia would be quick to introduce you to ours, the 2017 K900.

And why’s that, exactly?

Keep reading today’s post to find out.

There are two unique engine options within the K900 catalog.

The first, a 3.8-liter V6, produces a hearty 311 horsepower and 293 pound-feet of torque. It couples with an eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive.

The other, a 5.0-liter V8, is available exclusively on the top-tier Luxury V8 trim. Also teaming with the eight-speed automatic gearbox (and rear-wheel drive), this eight-banger boasts a very brawny 420 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque.

To learn more about this spiffy sedan, or to take one for a spin, we suggest you set a course for our Lubbock, TX location. Our automotive aces are on hand to address your every query about the K900, or any other Kia model within the current lineup.

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