Do You Know What Summer can do to Your Battery?

June 24th, 2017 by

Most people labor under the impression that cold weather is the worst for your battery’s life, but the truth is that the extreme heat of summer can actually do the most damage — leaving your battery ill-equipped for winter.

If it’s hot outside, it stands to reason that it’s even hotter under your car’s hood. If the outside temperature is 90 degrees, then it’s about 140 degrees in your engine compartment. That heat can cause battery fluid to evaporate, damaging the battery’s internal structure and hastening corrosion. While this may not immediately cause your battery to die, the process is well on its way at this point.

Cleaning your battery can help keep it from getting too hot (grease can hold in the heat), as well as preventing corrosion on the terminals. Parking your car in the shade or a closed garage will also help keep your battery cool; failing that, try propping your hood open to allow the under-hood heat to escape.

Here are a few warning signs that your battery is damaged:

  • Visible damage to the battery
  • The feeling that you’re losing electrical power
  • Your vehicle is difficult to start or needs frequent jump-starts
  • Visible corrosion on the battery’s posts or cables

To make sure that your battery is ready for all that summer offers, schedule an appointment at our Service Center and let our expert technicians conduct a thorough testing.

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